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What an Exciting Year!

With the support of friends, neighbors, donors, and others, the Haddonfield Outdoor Sculpture Trust (HOST) had perhaps its best year ever!  Here are just a few 2019 highlights and memories:

  • Installed 2,000-pound “Ballerina” by Barry Woods Johnston at the Rotary circle on Haddon Avenue.
  • Celebrated Valentine’s Day by renewing vows for more than a dozen couples at “Open Heart.”
  • Inaugurated “April is Haddonfield Sculpture Month” with the installation of “Toad,” “Sea Lion” and “Bunny Rabbit,” all by Eric Berg, at the new Children’s Sculpture Zoo at Kings Highway East and Evergreen Lane, as well as “My Dog Blue” by “Haddy” sculptor John Giannotti in front of The Happy Hippo – plus tours and fun activities all around town.
  • Dressed up in our best Kentucky Derby gear for a successful fundraiser hosted by Michael and Lauren Regina.
  • Installed and dedicated “Unity,” the first of five modern sculptures gifted by Rowan College at Burlington County. Read the full story and see photos from the Courier-Post.
  • Thrilled to receive our first major grant for sculpture maintenance — $5,000 from the Joseph Robert Foundation which supports non-profits focusing on the visual arts. 
Ballerina Sculpture
Unity Sculpture Assembly

… and Take a Sneak Peek at 2020!

  • “Three States of Being” will be installed at Grace Church in early January. This acclaimed weathered steel grouping of three 8-foot-tall pieces was created by Carl Billingsley. 
  • Yep, we’re doing it again –I Heart Haddonfield” on Valentine’s Day looking for 20 couples to renew their vows or make commitments at the “Open Heart” sculpture.  Email stuart@haddonfieldsculpture.org to reserve your time slot and a chance to win dinner at one of Haddonfield’s newest restaurants, Mara Monte.
  • Looking for volunteers to join the fun in planning and celebrating the 2nd Annual April is Haddonfield Sculpture Month.  Email us.
  • A life-size giraffe may become the newest resident of the Children’s Sculpture Zoo.
Three States of Being Sculpture

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