Children’s Sculpture Zoo™


Eric Berg (Sea Lion, Rabbit & Toad)
Unknown Artist (Giraffe “Tumi”)
Gillie and Marc (Elephant “Ndotto”)
Unknown Artist (“Murph” Gorilla)

In Haddonfield

April 2019 to Present (Sea LionRabbit & Toad)
May 2020 to Present (Giraffe “Tumi”)
August 2021 to Present (Elephant “Ndotto”)
June 2023 to Present (Gorilla “Murph”)


Sea Lion and Rabbit – Bronze
Toad – Painted Bronze
“Tumi” Giraffe – Bronze
“Ndotto” Elephant – Bronze
“Murph” Gorilla – Bronze


Tatem Memorial Garden, and Kings Highway East at Evergreen Lane – 338 Kings Highway East
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Of Interest

For the sea lion, rabbit & toad Haddonfield held a vote to choose which animal would come to our town. The sea lion won. However, the late Eric Berg was kind enough to send us 2 more sculptures to help create our Children’s Sculpture Zoo.

The giraffe “Tumi” was donated by a Haddonfield resident and was likely made in the 1970s in Vietnam. Tumi is 1,1000 pounds and stands over 15 feet tall!

Our baby life-size elephant named “Ndotto” which is modeled after a real-life orphaned baby elephant found in Kenya in 2014. The real-life elephant was rescued by local tribesmen, rehabilitated at the world-renowned Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. You can see videos here >

Our friend and guardian of the zoo is “Murph” the Gorilla. Murph keeps a watchful eye on all the fun things happening in our zoo! Murph’s origins are unknown, but he is right at home in our Children’s Sculpture Zoo and looking forward to joining you when you visit!